Does volunteering your time cooking with kids sound fun to you? Because I love it! And I’m always looking for help. On Mondays I work with the kids at 24th Street Elementary School in central Los Angeles. That’s the home of the Garden School Foundation.

foraging for snacks
foraging for snacks

It has a beautiful garden that is tended by the kids, and Mr. Nat, who’s there three days a week keeping it all together. On Mondays I cook with the fifth graders mostly. They forage in the garden looking for what’s ready to eat. Then we prep all the food. The best part is the cooking, of course. Or maybe it’s the eating?  Watching all the kids sit around a family table and gobble up swiss chard, organic greens and a prized radish or two, is pure joy for a gal like me.

Call me at 323.982.0052 if you want to join me and help spread the love.

enjoying the fruits of their labor