I’m looking for my mini me.  Someone who can cook and answer the phone, talk nice to clients, help with shopping, day to day operations, and give me a day off  (or two) every week.

You must be level headed, intelligent, an excellent chef with a catering background. The ideal applicant is not afraid to work early in the morning and is a driven by the love of food, and the need to create excellent meals served graciously everyday. This person must be a dedicated hospitality professional, love people, and my dog Maizee.  (Just seeing if you’re paying attention)

My mini me (and I say that only because I’m 6 feet tall)  is proficient in EXCEL, WORD, can sound like me when posting on the blog, and help with the viral marketing I already have in place.

How much for this fabulous position?  I’ll let you know after I see your resume.  It will start as a part time job on an hourly basis, with the option of working parties at party rates.  I will tell you this.  I have never offered this much before.  I’m willing to pay because I need help and I need to trust the Shoppe will run well in my absence. There will be a trial period with 3 candidates before anyone is awarded the position.

Please submit your resume and tell me why I should pick you in a cover letter. My e-mail is on the side of my blog.  And I look forward to hearing from you.

Update: the Lovely Eliza Swords has stepped up as the GM for Jennie Cooks and  as my mini me.  She’s doing well. Feel free to give her a call and encourage her to  give you the best deal possible.  Let’s see what she does… Yes – this is a trick.