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Round Table Discussion

The City of Los Angeles is hungry. Healthful, nutritious food is not moving consistently to the people who need it. While a collective consciousness about food is increasing, the root causes of this stagnant urbanism are rarely discussed.

Urban infrastructure has evolved to conspire against neighborhoods seeking nourishment. In this discussion we will attempt to understand the Los Angeles food system and its problems. Roads, highways, rail lines, shipping lanes, markets, laws and codes contribute to the challenges and must be considered when contemplating solutions.

Hungry Urbanism brings together a diverse panel to address the question of the role of urban infrastructure in the issue of equitable access to healthy food choices in our city.

Kate Harvey, Urban Designer, Osborn
Mark Vallianatos, UEPI Food and Justice Program, Occidental College
James Rojas, Urban Designer, Metro
Jennie Cooks, Chef, Slow Food Movement, Food Advocate
Marcela Oliva, Mapping LA Project, Los Angeles Trade Tech College
Moderator: Michael Pinto, Founder-Project Food LA, Architect and Educator

Project Food LA is a group of educators, chefs, artists, architects, planners, nutritionists, growers, and caring individuals. This is a diverse group with a shared concern: improving access to healthier food choices for our communities.

The Southern California Institute of Architecture’s (SCI-Arc) mission is to re-imagine the edge: educating Architects to engage, speculate, innovate.
SCI-Arc’s, Community Programs is an active arm of the Institution that seeks to respond to specific community needs through application of architectural design research and implementation.

The HABEAS LOUNGE is a built environment created by LA artist Linda Pollack, specifically constructed to foster and animate civic dialogue. Topics of past LOUNGE series include urban planning, constitutional issues, the economy, and city history. arts>Brookfield Properties has invited Linda Pollack back to transform the 7+FIG Art Space into an incubator for ideas about Downtown L.A. The 8-week public event, called Habeas Lounge: A Pluralistic Downtown Los Angeles Investigation, is both a map based-exhibition and a space for visitors to interpolate their own ideas and visions about our shared city.

7+ FIG Art Space
7&FIG at Ernst & Young Plaza
735 S. Figueroa Street
Middle level
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Validated parking in 7+ FIG parking structure, entrance on 7th and 8th Streets, west of Figueroa.